• VisynC Development of a hybrid energy storage system According to Spain's Energy Storage Strategy, to achieve the objectives set out in the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) and the Long-Term Decarbonisation Strategy, it is necessary to increase energy storage capacity from 8.3 GW in 2021 to around 20 GW[...]

  • Generdis New technologies research. Photovoltaic, Storage and Energy Management for Distributed Generation under the paradigm of energy communities. GENERDIS is an industrial research project that will deal with the technological challenges of future energy communities, the most complex scenario of distributed generation: the distributed nature of the resources that[...]

  • Sunrise PV New Generation of Photovoltaic Technologies for energy cost reduction through circularity strategies The "SUNRISE PV" project proposes solutions and innovations that respond to this challenge and to those contemplated in the Mission "Strengthen technological capabilities for safe and sustainable energy autonomy (fusion, hydrogen and renewables)", in the[...]

  • i-Stentore Innovative Storage Technologies on ENergy TOwards Renewables and Energy efficiency. Innovative Storage Technologies on ENergy TOwards Renewables and Energy efficiency. Reference: 101096787 i-STENTORE will examine the integration of diverse storage solutions and their combinations. Innovative storage systems will be showcased and their co-operation with the integrated assets will[...]

  • Life REcycling Li-Ion batteries for Green Hybrid Technologies   The renewable energy is key to reach the EU climate targets to decarbonize the economy by 2050. But it is necessary the implementation of energy storage solutions to increase the efficiency of the grid management. Also, as the electric vehicles[...]

  • PS/DS Power System Digital Services Power System Digital Services "PS/DS" aims to generate in CEN Solutions an evolution of its products and services. This is based on the digital development of its portfolio of power electronics product-services from the development of knowledge of the equipment and its critical failures,[...]

  • Modular CEN Project "Viability Study for the Development of a MODULAR Storage Solution" The project " Viability Study for the Development of a MODULAR Storage Solution (MODULAR-CEN)" consists of a technical-economic viability study of a new lithium battery storage system integration solution, compact, modular and scalable, with the aim[...]

  • Cen Vision Customized Management System for several circuit breakers Customized Management System for several circuit breakers, which adapts to any installation where it ensures uninterrupted power. It is an optimized product that currently works in important facilities such as airports, industrial lines, telecommunications systems and unique buildings. [...]

  • Smartgear Project Development of advanced intelligent wireless control system The objective of the project is the development of an intelligent advanced wireless control system for its incorporation in medium voltage (MV) switchgears up to 36kV, allowing the final integration of the new MV circuit breakers. The improvement of the[...]