Site and retrofit works, and advanced solutions for electromechanical maintenance and process automation.

Electrical Equipment Services

As a complement to the equipment manufacturing activity, we provide complementary services that allow you to increase the added value of your supply:

  • Electromechanical assembly of equipment on site.
  • Parameterization of relays with current injection in primary and secondary.
  • Support to external companies during installation and on-site testing.
  • Support to clients and engineering firms for investment studies in remodeling or new facilities.

In addition, we are specialists in providing retrofit solutions for existing equipment manufactured in-house or by others:

  • Expansions of existing medium and low voltage electrical panels, including busbar adaptation columns.
  • Refurbishment and replacement of wiring in medium and low voltage equipment.
  • Retrofit of circuit breakers in existing switchboards

Tooling Design and Manufacture

  • 2D and 3D design of specific tooling for production line support.
  • 3D printing for tooling, media and specific solutions.
  • Electrical design for specific automation developments and their implementation.
  • Sensorization and programming of equipment and accessories.
  • Retrofit of existing equipment and installations.

Industrial Maintenance and Automation

We offer specialized preventive and corrective maintenance services in demanding sectors such as aeronautics.

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance of production tooling, with immediate response.
  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance of auxiliary equipment required for the manufacturing or production line.

In the field of automation, we collaborate in the implementation of new processes, from upgrading, improving or correcting existing systems, providing our experience in the most demanding industrial environments.

  • Electrical design for specific automation developments and their implementation.
  • Programming, commissioning and maintenance of PLC and CNC systems of the manufacturing line.