BESS Systems

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of Energy Storage equipment, with the capacity to provide solutions for a multitude of applications thanks to the fact that we have Engineering and Manufacturing in the same company. We have the capacity to comply with all the standards of the different countries and we are constantly updating ourselves in the use and optimization of the different battery systems.

Integration of renewables

At CEN Solutions we are specialists in the design of BESS storage systems for renewable installations, we have carried out more than 100 projects in renewable electricity production plants:

  • Photovoltaic Plants
  • Solar Thermal Power Plants
  • Wind Power Plants
  • Reversible Hydroelectric Plants
  • Biomass Plants

We follow the evolution of renewable energies by updating the latest technologies to provide the best solution for each case.

Stabilization of Microgrids

Our fast response Storage systems help to balance the operation of power grids, providing extra security under different circumstances and serving as protection for equipment sensitive to power outages.

We have experience in system designs of all sizes, from the one that can work in a small industrial building, to systems that help the correct operation of an isolated network.


It is a high response speed system for electrical installations with double supply, i.e. systems in which there may be a backup power supply. In the event that the main supply fails, Hyxero responds quickly, avoiding disconnection when switching from one network to another.
Hyxero Container

System scalability

We design, manufacture and install all types of storage systems with different sizes, adapting to the requirements and characteristics of each project.

We have more than 15 years of experience with references on projects of all king if sizes, and a constant updating and learning process that allows us to offer the best possible solution for each case.

Escalados a medida
Instalación 4 containers
Instalación Grande

Life Cycle

At CEN Solutions we accompany the customer throughout the life of the product, providing added value and knowledge in each of the stages of our storage systems.

Ciclo de vida