Modular electrical rooms

A reference in the manufacture of electrical rooms for the renewable or fossil energy generation, Oil&Gas, or industrial sectors, with more than 500 projects in operation worldwide.

OFF-SITE construction

CEN Solutions team integrates all the components of the modular electrical rooms in our facilities, and afterwards performs all the relevant tests both at equipment level and as a whole to ensure proper operation at destination and minimize site works. Our electrical rooms are shipped from Seville fully prepared for installation and commissioning at destination.

Modular electrical rooms

They are compact, safe and integrated construction solutions that reduce logistics costs and construction time compared to building alternatives.

The scope of supply considers the heating/cooling ans seismic studies for the requiremed environmental conditions, and the integration and interconnection of all types of low voltage and medium voltage equipment.

Special executions in ATEX environment and resistant to fire or external explosions can be supplied.

Turnkey Solution

Our modular electrical rooms are prepared in detail with each of their elements and with all features tested in our factory before transporting them to their destination.