Electrical equipment

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage switchgears, with certified proprietary design which allows the inclusion of any electrical material or protection relay as per project requirements.

Low Voltage Equipment

We produce low voltage switchboards for distribution and motor control centers, certified according to IEC61439-1 and IEC61641 standards.

We are specialists in the production of critical power supply equipment used in sectors such as Datacenters, Oil&Gas or Generation.

Power Center solutions can be combined with Motor Control Centers to offer a customized product, including back to back solutions and with communications to the DCS.

They allow the integration of any electrical switchgear at command or control level, including testing and setting of the protection relays with our own personnel and means.

Medium Voltage Equipment

We supply medium voltage solutions up to 36 kV for primary distribution for power generation, petrochemical sector and industry, certified in accordance to IEC 62271-200 standards.

The equipment manufactured by CEN Solutions implements different manufacturers of circuit breakers and protection relays according to the specific needs of the project and customer.

They are designed to minimize the destructive effects of an internal arc so that the damage is evacuated by the frame itself where the arc originates. Through this feature, adjacent cabins are not damaged and replacement times and operating costs are minimized.

The setting of the protection relays is performed by our own staff, as well as their functional tests with our own means for primary or secondary injection.

Smart Equipment

Optimized equipment that increases communication, control and remote monitoring capabilities with continuous data collection and the possibility of remote analysis.

These equipments are ready for Industry 4.0 providing:

  • Data collection: temperature, integration of equipment in the field
  • Connection and control: connection to the cloud and Gateway for DCS system
  • Supervision: 24/7 supervision, historical data, alarms and events, monitoring of actual operating conditions
  • Solution delivery: equipment prepared for advanced data analysis, predictive maintenance, remote assistance, incident analysis, etc.

Equipment for nuclear power plants

CEN Solutions is an international reference in the supply of qualified equipment for safety in the nuclear market, with equipment installed in Spain and abroad since the beginning of this industry.

The equipment is designed and certified according to industry standards and requirements, providing all the necessary traceability for its use within the safe shutdown of the reactor.

In addition, CEN Solutions has in-house engineering and testing capabilities for the dedication process of commercial grade components for use in safety-related equipment.