Qualified Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants

CEN Solutions is an international reference in the supply of safety related equipment for nuclear power plants, with equipment installed in Spain and abroad since the early stages of this industry.

The equipment is designed and certified in accordance with standards and requirements of this sector, providing all the necessary traceability for its use under the safety shutdown of the reactor.

Furthermore, CEN Solutions has its own engineering and testing capabilities to carry out dedication processes for commercial grade components for use in safety-related equipment.

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Baja Tensión - Principal

Low Voltage Equipment

Equipment designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with standards IEC61439-1 and IEC61641.

Media tensión - Principal-baja

Medium Voltage Equipment

Designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with standard IEC62271:200, with nominal voltage up to 36kV.

Modulares - Principal

Electrical modular rooms

Compact, safe and integrated solutions that allows to reduce logistics and site implementation costs.

Almacenamiento - Principal

Energy Storage Systems

National leader on BESS systems


Renewable Energy Solutions

Design, manufacturing and supply of electrical equipment for renewable generation.

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