Electrical Modular Rooms (eHouse)

The Electrical Modular Rooms (eHouse) are compact, safe and integrated assemblies that allows reducing logistics costs and work time at site in comparison with its alternative as a traditional building.

Our eHouses are made up of a watertight enclosure, generally IP-54, which houses all the electrical equipment that make up the assembly.

The structure is self-standing and seismically resistant, and includes the electrical installation, normal and emergency lighting, as well as the air conditioning system.

It allows the integration and interconnection of all types of equipment: low voltage switchboards, motor control centers, medium voltage switchgears, power centers, computer equipment, batteries, transformers, etc. Special executions can be supplied in ATEX environment and resistant to fire or external explosions, among others.

The scope of supply includes the complete process from engineering of the complete solution to mechanical integration of the assembly and electrical interconnection at our facilities by our team.

CEN Solutions is a leader in this market, with more than 500 rooms supplied on five continents since 2003.

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