Industry Business Line

The Industry Business Line particites at high added value industries providing:

  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance of production tools, with immediate response.
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance of auxiliary equipment needed for the manufacturing or production line.
  • 2D and 3D design of specific tooling to assist the production line.
  • 3D printing for the manufacture of tooling, means and specific solutions.
  • Electrical design for specific automation design, and its implementation.
  • Development of specific actuation procedures as part of customer RCA processes.
  • Follow up of customer lean processes.
  • Programming, commissioning and maintenance of PLC and CNC systems at the production line.

Other services

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Water Business Line

We provide services and solutions at an electrical and mechanical level associated with make-up water or wastewater processes.

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Engineering and Product

We provide complementary services that allow you to increase your added value in your supply.

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