Smart Energy Solutions

CEN Solutions provides integral solutions for electrical equipment for medium and low voltage with energy management capacity, modular electrical rooms and equipment with integrated electronics.

This activity is complemented with the retrofitting services area of ​​own or third-party design equipment, and expert maintenance activities in manufacturing processes or industries.

Low voltage equipment

Designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with IEC61439-1, we manufacture low voltage...


Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants

CEN Solutions is an international reference in the supply of qualified equipment for the nuclear market...

Medium voltage equipment

They are switchgear assemblies, with external metal enclosure up to 36 kV and whose elements are arranged...


Production Processes

In order to carry out the design of its products, CEN Solutions has specialized software at the electrical and mechanical level...


Modular Rooms

Consisting of a waterproof casing, usually IP-54, which houses the different electrical equipment...


Expert Maintenance

The expert maintenance activity participates in industries of high added value contributing

60 years of international experience in the sector

Localization of reference projects
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